Posted: Thursday, January 18, 2018

Flock Members can guarantee premium giveaway items at Mud Hens games

For the first time, Flock Members will have the exclusive opportunity to guarantee premium giveaway items at Mud Hens games. Avoid waiting in line for our top promo items with the all-new Flock only 'Premium Promo Package'!


2018 Premium Promos

  • Friday, May 25 - Jim Leyland Bobblehead
  • Friday, June 8 - Kirby Puckett Bobblehead
  • Friday, June 29 - Youth Jersey
  • Thursday, July 19 - Beach Towel
  • Friday, August 24 - Jose 'Lima Time' Bobblehead


Additional Information

  • Premium Promo Packages will be limited to the number of seats in your plan, up to four total packages per account.
  • Premium Promo Packages cost $25 per package and include all five premium giveaways.
  • Reserved premium giveaways will be available for pick-up at The Flock HQ on the main concourse before and during the designated Mud Hens game.
  • Reserved premium giveaways must be picked up at the game on the specified giveaway game date (no early or late pick-up). In order to pick up your reserved giveaway item(s), a game ticket is required for the select giveaway game dates. If your plan does not include tickets to the promotional giveaway game dates, you can exchange or purchase tickets for the select dates.
  • Premium Promo Packages are non-transferable: The named account holder is required to pick up items (unless arranged with Member Services in advance of the game).
  • The Premium Promo Package includes the five designated premium gate giveaways only. Please be aware there may be additional gate giveaways during the season not included in this package.

NOTE: Promotional items reserved for The Flock 'Premium Promo Package' will be IN ADDITION to those available at the gate. 'Premium Promo Package' giveaways will not impact the quantities given out at the gate. The 'Premium Promo Package' is an optional add-on, available only to Flock Members. If you do not wish to add on the 'Premium Promo Package', you will still have the same opportunity to receive a giveaway at the gate that you've had in past seasons.


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